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Hi, I’m Michelle and I am so happy you found your way here. I Provide guidance through intuitive higher connection, breath, creativity & plant medicine. If you are like me, you will be wanting to know a little more about me, as the person behind the plant medicine and services you are looking at.

Michelle Marsh

I have fused my past professions of Registered Nurse, Hypnotherapist and Coach, with my studies & experience in breathwork, alchemical and western plant medicine, natural living and creative therapies, to help others connect deeply with themselves, others and nature.

I have learned many techniques and viewpoints on how the mind works. It can be complex and even overwhelming but the more I learned and experienced through my own journey, the more I realised that the answers were not in books or professionals or advisors, but instead within. The question soon became – HOW do I access this knowledge within? The answer lies within using ‘bridges’ which are found within the disciplines I use.

    Within my practice I use creativity, altered states of awareness and plant medicine to delve deeper into the Self. The goal is to understand Self and thus to gain mastery over thoughts, feelings, actions and ultimately our experience.

        My passion for service is my driver and if it feels aligned I look forward to serving you too.

        I will finish with my favourite saying (which I have said since childhood), “There is always a way, you just have to find it.”

            Michelle xx

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