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Life can batter us from a million directions and when it does it is not surprising that we become overwhelmed and unable to function. For some people however, overwhelm is a daily experience even though everything should be ‘OK.’

Overwhelm soon leads to hyper-emotions like anger, outbursts and crying, and/or physical sensations like anxiety, pain and fatigue, and/or mental expression like a scattered mind, forgetfulness and difficulty focusing.

Why does this happen? It’s a problem with too much input/stimulus which then leads to your brain and nervous system being overwhelmed. Once the nervous system is overwhelmed you become dysregulated and that’s when all the symptoms of anxiety, scatter brain, forgetfulnes, anger and fatigue become your ‘norm.’

Some people who experience these symptoms are diagnosed with neurodivergent traits like ADHD or ASD. Others have learned they have the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) trait and some are left in the dark, doctor hopping while they try to work out what is ‘wrong’ with them but never getting an answer.

Whichever path you have come from the answer to bringing stability, clarity and calm into your life is through nervous system regulation, while also releasing tension and toning and cultivating sensitivity.

Aromanosis uses a unique combination of creative therapy, pranayama, Kundalini yoga, yogic philosophy, embodied investigation and natural lifestyle support to meet your unique needs, so you can embrace all that life has to offer your unique being.

What can you expect when you work with me?

Creative therapy (similar to art therapy) and coaching: Creating conscious connections helps you to move forward and create change.

Change work: Guided meditation/hypnosis/trancework, creative exploration (visual art, body movement, drama/role play), parts of self exploration.

Lifestyle guidance for between sessions: Pranayama/breathwork, diet, habit tweaking, meditation, creative explorations, Kriyas (Kundalini yoga), Mantras/affirmations, and Journal prompts

Note: Not all of what I offer is needed (or wanted) by everyone. In fact that’s never the case. Everyone is quite unique. The beauty of working within a creative format is that we find what works for you specifically – and that is where you will find yourself blossoming into potential you didn’t know existed.

What is the goal?

First and foremost the goal(s), are what you set. Our first conact will be via an Alignment Call (via Zoom or in person in Perth WA). In this call we will discuss what you are seeking to achieve. This may be something very specific or you may just want to “feel better.” Regardless, through this conversation we will establish whether or not we are in alignment to be working with each other.

Common goals are to regulate the nervous system, decrease mental chatter, gain self control, reduce pain, improve energy levels, relax and connect deeply with the True Self underpin the more specific and unique goals you have. 

How do I know if working with you is the right choice for me?

The best way to find out is to book an Alignment Call with me. This is a complimentary appointment via Zoom or phone where by the end of our conversation, you will have clearly established your next step. If appropriate/possible for your situation, I will also offer some ‘lifestyle guidance’ which you can implement immediately. If we establish that I am not the right person to help you, I will be able to refer you or make suggestions on what would likely be a better fit.

Explore, heal & grow.

If what you are reding is resonating with you I invite you to book an Alignment Call with myself. This no cost call is NOT a sales call. Within the call I will get to know you and will give you some suggestions of what might work for your next steps. These steps may include a combination of things you can implement straight away without help, a referral to another practitioner or mentor or how I can personally help. At the end, if it is feeling in alignment for both of us, I will offer to create an Aromanosis Medicine Plan. 

A committment to Self

Sometimes finding money for self care is a matter of priorities. It may mean skipping a night out on the town or not buying that pretty pair of shoes. On the surface level, committing to yourself seems like an obvious choice over new shoes, but the mind can be deceptive and before you know it, you have decided you can’t afford to look after yourself, while on the other hand you don’t blink at dinner out with friends. If this is you, Id like to remind you that YOU are the most important person in your life and that if you are not fourishing inside and out, then you can be of little value to anyone else around you.

For some people however, investing in self care would mean not being able to pay the electricity bill… This is not OK as noone should be without the support they need. If you are in financial struggle, please contact me via email detailing your circumstances and I am sure we can find a way to work together.

Amy's Experience

“OMG. I have just finished listening to my reading. Wow. I totally resonate with every single thing you said! It’s definitely me… I was definitely looking at it from the wrong point of view and it completely makes so much sense now.”

Amy Waugh

Instagram: @amywaugh11

Kate's Experience

"I loved my session with Michelle, she was able to highlight key areas that I need to address with my health and was spot on! Having this backed up with her amazing knowledge in herbs also gave me a solution that made it easy to start making changes straightaway. Michelle’s ability to address all aspects of my being with a wholistic approach is what is needed in todays world to really find long term solutions to good health. Thanks Michelle for supporting me and providing such a valuable service."

Kate Sales 

Alex's Experience

"...It was an incredible experience and I allowed myself to completely trust myself, Michelle and the process. was extremely powerful and I am so very grateful to Michelle for this amazing experience. I received clarity around the questions I shared at the beginning of the session and so much more on top of that. 

I truly am eternally grateful for this session with Michelle I will 100% be back to do a follow up session. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like what Michelle offers as a whole package and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to connect on a deeper level, answer any burning questions or just experience something next level to book in asap."

Alexandra Bawden

Instagram: @earths.essence.wa

Patsy's Experience

"What a gift to experience Michelle’s wisdom, nurturance, and creative guidance to unexpected transformation! I left our session feeling wholly connected to my body and soul. Drawing from her robust toolkit of healing modalities, I received exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Through a fusion of intuitive guidance, breathwork, and creative therapies, Michelle was able to shine a light on a part of me that was yearning for acknowledgment, gratitude, and love. With that newfound awareness, I am feeling lighter and shining brighter than I have in a long time. I am ever-so-grateful and cannot recommend highly enough!"

Patsy Kenney

Instagram: @andcelebrate

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