Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga for Resistance and Capacity Building

10 week course (Commencing 17th October 2023)

Keep up and you will be kept up…

If you are wanting a stronger, more resilient body… Or the ability to withstand stress and pressure… Or the capacity to achieve your goals and dreams…. Then you may be delighted to know that when you put effort into one area of your life, the results will ripple out to affect all other areas and aspects of yourself and life experience. 

Thus the saying ‘keep up and you will be kept up’ is a much loved mantra in the Kundalini Yoga world. We work hard on the yoga mat to clear, balance and strengthen ourselves, physically, mentally and energetically so that our lives and environments also come into alignment.

If you are ready to do the work and level up for yourSELF, we invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery, while building resilience and capacity. Join us for our exclusive 10-week Kundalini Yoga course, where you will explore and enhance (in ways you never knew were possible) your nervous system, breath, core strength, physical body, emotional balance, mental clarity, energetic flow, and spiritual connection.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is a holistic practice that encompasses dynamic movement, breathwork, meditation, and mantra chanting. It’s designed to awaken your dormant energy (kundalini) and help you reach new heights of physical, mental, and emotional endurance while nurturing your spiritual connection.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga for Building Capacity & Resilience Course

Nervous System Resilience: Learn to fortify your nervous system to better manage stress and adapt to life’s challenges with grace and poise.

Breath Mastery: Harness the power of your breath to enhance your vitality, improve focus, and manage your energy effectively.

Core Strength: Cultivate physical strength, especially in your core, for greater stability, posture, and overall well-being.

Emotional Balance: Gain the tools to navigate your emotions, reducing reactivity and finding inner peace.

Mental Clarity: Clear mental clutter and sharpen your focus for better decision-making and problem-solving.

Energetic Vitality: Unblock energy flows within your body, promoting overall health and vitality.

Transcend Maya (Illusion): Develop a deeper understanding of your own existence, transcending the illusions that may hold you back from personal growth.

Spiritual Connection: Deepen your spiritual awareness, connecting with your true self and the world around you.

How Will We Build Capacity and Resilience?

Our 10-week course is meticulously designed to guide you through a transformative journey of building capacity and resilience, and includes:

Weekly Immersive Classes: Join our Kundalini Yoga classes designed to cultivate resilience and capacity in each aspect. Caitlin and Michelle will expertly guide you through kriyas, meditations, and breathwork tailored to each focus area.

Home Exploration: We’ll equip you with resources for home practice, ensuring your journey continues outside of class. You will have an opportunity to discuss your home exploration and ask any questions.

Community of Resilience: Connect with like minded people on a similar path. Share experiences, challenges, and triumphs to cultivate resilience as we step through the challenges together.

Our 10-week course begins on 17th October 2023 in O’Conner, and spaces are limited to ensure a supportive group dynamic.

(near Fremantle/Perth, Western Australia)

Your Yoga Teachers

Michelle Marsh & Caitlin Woodford (Registered KRI Teachers) will be your teachers for the duration of the course.

Time & Day

Tuesdays 6pm to 7:30pm

First class: 17th October 2023

Last class: 19th December 2023

Casual attendance is welcome (space permitting)


$20 per class (when you pay for the full course). This course is curated in a way where you will gain great benefit from committing time and space for your Self for the full 10 weeks.

or $25 per class (casual, space permitting)

Please book via link below or if you would like to pay cash, please email or message us so we know you are attending.


1a/3 Pritchard St O’Conner

Walk down the drive and go up the metal staircase.

There is plenty of free parking on the road or across the road in the car park.

What to bring

Mats and cushions are available for use or bring your own if you prefer.

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring a blanket and water.

Equal Access

If you would like to attend but are restricted by financial crisis, please reach out to us so we may provide you with some sliding scale options.

Group sessions not for you?

If you are wanting a daily practice or can’t get to classes or they just aren’t your thing, you can still gain the benefits of Kundalini Yoga through customised programming.

When you work with me one to one you receive a personalised practice tailored to your individual needs and goals, whether you are seeking to improve your physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, or deepen your spiritual practice. 

Kundalini: The householders yoga

Kundalini Yoga is often referred to as the “householders yoga” because it is designed to be practiced by people who lead busy, active lives and have responsibilities such as work, family, and community involvement. Unlike some other forms of yoga that require long periods of time for practice and meditation, Kundalini Yoga offers a way to quickly connect with the inner self, tone the nervous system and cultivate a sense of inner peace and calm in the midst of daily activities.

Kundalini Yoga is also known for its emphasis on practical, everyday applications, making it particularly relevant to those living in the modern world. The practice includes a variety of techniques that can be used to improve physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. For example, specific breathing techniques (pranayama) can be used to reduce stress and increase energy, while physical postures (asanas) can help to improve flexibility and balance, while also activating specific meridians and nadis which balance the body and energy. The practice also includes chanting and meditation, which help to focus the mind and cultivate a sense of inner peace and calm.

Within a typical Kundalini Yoga Class you can expect a warmup and then kriya followed by relaxation and meditation. A Kriya is a set of asana (movement/posture), meditation and breath compiled for a specific reason. For example, ‘Getting the body out of distress,’ ‘Kriya for a healthy bowel system,’ or ‘Kriya for the instinctual self.’

kundalini yoga perth fremantle

Kundalini Yoga is often known for its ability to awaken the dormant energy (Kundalini) at the base of the spine, allowing it to rise up through the chakras to the crown of the head. And while this is part of the practice of Kundalini Yoga, the real purpose is to tone the nervous system so that when/if this spontaneous rise occurs, the body and mind are ready for it, allowing the practitioner to harness this beautiful, natural energy.