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Plant Medicine

Medicine can be found in everything we ingest whether it be a herb, flower, food, smoke/gas or liquid. Whether or not it is a medicine (beneficial to your body) or detrimental depends on what it is you are ingesting or exposing your body to (eg via the skin) as well as your own unique constitution.

A plant is both a medicine because of it’s physical constituents (what it is made up of),  as well as the energy it contains (it’s energetic signature).

Please keep this in mind when reading the descriptions of my offerings in this shop. The information I provide is to help you decipher what might be of benefit to you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure your own safety and wellbeing. Where in doubt seek advise from a medical practitioner.

Blends (Teas, infusions & Decoctions) 

Not sure what an infusion or decoction is or how to make one? Click here, to learn more.

What makes Aromanosis Medicinals different

When I harvest plants it is always done with intention. I never harvest, prepare herbs and flowers or blend teas if my energy is not in alignment with the given intention. I ask the plant permission before I harvest, I never harvest so much that the plant is damaged and I always leave flowers for the bees. Plants are like crystals in that they absorb the energy which they are exposed to (this is also why I chant healing mantras as I work with them). This means that the person working with the plant has a strong influence over the energy (and thus medicinal quality) of the end product…

How to make infusions & decoctions

A medicinal tea is generally made in one of two different ways, an infusion or a decoction. Both are very easy to make but using the right technique can be the difference between a beneficial constituent bein extracted into your tea, getting destroyed or not being extracted at all.

In general, fragile plants and those with volatile oils (essential oils/strong scent), ie flowers and leaves, are best extracted by the infusion method. And the medicine from roots, barks and tough leaves are best extracted through decoction…

how to make herbal decoction

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