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I am delighted to connect with your body, mind and etheric being for a Wellbeing Reading. Please read the below information so you know what to expect. After I receive your order I will email you with a questionnaire to fill in plus a request for a couple of photos of your face and tongue.

You will receive your Wellbeing Reading via a return email within 5 business days of submitting the questionnaire and photos. All information is kept in the strictest confidence and NEVER shared.

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What is a Wellbeing Reading?

A Wellbeing Reading is an investigation into your physical, emotional, mental and etheric wellbeing. During the reading I use intuitive reading and knowledge of physical and psychological wellness.

What to expect

Once you have returned your questionnaire and photos of your face, your tongue and your whole body, I will tune into your body and soul and intuitively investigate. I then compare the information I have received to your photos and answers to questionnaire to confirm the intuitive reading and deepen my understanding of your wellbeing.

My understanding and reading is influenced by:

  • Western medicine
  • Psychology
  • Ayurveda
  • Herbalism
  • Intuition/Spiritual Guidance

After I have completed your reading I will send you an audio (20 to 30 minutes) detailing what the reading bought forward. Your reading will include lifestyle and supplement recommendations as well as any other next steps which may be appropriate for your unique situation.

Please note: YOU will always be your own best expert and as such will be the ONLY person who can ever know the truth of you, your situation and what next steps are right for you. Outside advice is always through the personal lens of the person giving it (whether it is from a scientific or intuitive nature) and as such you need to take responsibility and decipher what is helpful and what is not. Any herbal or dietary recommendations are informative in nature for dietary and lifestyle support and are NOT intended as treatments or direction. It is vital to remember that you are the gatekeeper for your own health and therefore are responsible for everything you ingest or expose yourself to.


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