Aromanosis for ADHD & Highly Sensitive Women

Release the tension, get on track & make your difference your gift

When you were born as a sensitive being, you were born a gift both for yourself and humanity. But… If your gift is not toned and cultivated it likely feels like a curse

If you are a neurodiverse, empathic or highly sensitive soul who has tried desperately to live a ‘normal’ life only to be left burnt out, shut down, scattered and unable to cope, whereas others seem ‘just fine,’ there is NOTHING wrong with you.

Maybe you understand that your brain and body are wired ‘differently,’ but you still can’t find your life rhythm and balance, and you are left feeling alone, misunderstood and discombobulated with no effective solutions.

6 week program for ADHD & Highly Sensitive Women

When you embrace yourself as nature intended, you can cultivate and tone your sensitivities so they become a gift, instead of holding you back and causing daily frustration and discomfort.

Embracing yourself as a sensitive being means you can release the energy you spend on fighting to be like everyone else. You can then redirect this energy into your alignment with your true nature, meaning you will be able to experience a level of contentment and joy for life you didn’t know was possible.

You can feel good as yourself

 Our society is only beginning to acknowledge neurodiversity and our general understanding of the role of sensitivity often lacks intervention and support which is targeted specifically towards the ADHD and sensitive women’s nervous system, body and mind.

Differences in brain and nervous system function are often viewed as disorders, and oftentimes the unique difference of women versus men is not recognised, much less addressed within the support offered.

The thing is, there is nothing wrong with you, you are just a fish who is trying to climb a tree instead of swimming gracefully in the ocean’s waters! And when you try to climb the tree (instead of swimming to your destination) you end up overwhelmed, full of anxiety, exhausted and just plain frustrated with your own lack of ability.

You are not MEANT to function and live the way neurotypical people live. You, dear sensitive being, have gifts which will only show when given the right environment.

Let me say it again… YOU ARE NOT BROKEN OR LESS THAN OTHERS and when you have the right support and direction you will shine like no other!

What to expect…

Each week is carefully constructed to stimulate your curious brain (thus infusing you with motivation and energy), while also giving plenty of space so you feel safe when we connect into our body and subconscious mind to release trauma and tension.

While every week is slightly different you can expect a combination of Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Creative Exploration and Therapeutic Discussion. You will also be given a suggested daily practice to further integrate changes and tone your nervous system.

These therapeutic intervention have been shown to be highly effective in toning the nervous system and regulating emotion in neurodiverse people.

If you experience ADHD or are an adrenaline seeking Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) you may have tried meditation in the past and felt like you failed miserably. This is the perfect example of a fish trying to climb a tree (as mentioned above)! The meditation and breathwork techniques taught within the Aromanosis program HARNESS YOUR MONKEY MIND, making the meditative state easily accessible.

Kundalini Yoga works in a similar fashion, where the practitioner is moving and breathing, having lots to focus on and challenge the body and mind, so the benefits can be felt without fatigue and boredom setting in.

The Creative Therapy utilised within Aromanosis can consist of drama, sound, movement and/or artistic exploration. You don’t need any prior experience as we are using creativity as bridge to integrate and deepen our understanding of ourselves. The better we know our true self, the clearer our future direction becomes.


You are invited to join us for the Aromanosis for ADHD & Highly Sensitive Women program

This unique program is for women who are experiencing ADHD (you may be self-diagnosed) and/or High Sensitivity and who are ready to do the work necessary to alter their life experience.

The possibilities…

  • Increase your productivity  by working within your cycles and flow instead of within a mentally and socially constructed idea of “shoulds”
  • Increase your capacity for focus and attention so you can say goodbye to squirrel brain 
  • Connect with your body and understand your body when it speaks to you through movement, sensations, boundaries and impulses
  • Feel confident with somatic and creative techniques that will help you to navigate and reduce your giant pit of anxiety (if/when it arises)
  • Learn how to identify what your body, mind and energy needs in any given moment based on an easy to learn elemental model, so you can be proactive and in control of your wellbeing
  • Become aware of subconscious thought patterns like “not enough,” so they no longer control your actions and direction
  • Tone your nervous system so life’s curve balls don’t knock you over every single time
  • Release and integrate emotion and trauma so your future is not defined solely by your past
  • Regulate your emotional so you don’t feel extreme highs and lows which feel out of your control and leave you exhausted and confused
  • Learn multiple techniques that you will be able to draw upon for the rest of your life to keep you centered, clear and on track

The Details…

New revamped program commencing in October 2023

Details to be released soon!


What to bring & wear

Yoga mat and cushion provided (or you may bring your own) along with all creative items.

Please bring a blanket, drink bottle, journal, pen & snack if desired.

Wear casual, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Please note that art aprons are not provided, please bring your own if you are worried about getting marks on your clothing.

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are not interested in learning about yourself
  • You are not interested in facing difficult subjects
  • You are currently in a mental health crisis (Unless referred by a psychologist and agreed upon by Michelle prior to commencing)

This program is IS for you if...

  • You are wanting to expand your self awareness and learn how to work with your unique traits instead of those traits directing you
  • You are ready to do the work necessary to tone your nervous system and integrate emotion (it’s OK to also be afraid of this)
  • You are committed to your self responsibility and integrity so you have control over your life experience

About Michelle

Hi I’m Michelle Marsh and I will be your guide through the Aromanosis for ADHD & Highly Sensitive Women program.

As a fellow ADHD experiencer and highly sensitive person who is also a sensation seeker, I understand what it’s like to have your sensitivity running your life instead of aiding it. But I also know from experience that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to do the work. For myself, I was never afraid of doing the work… I just couldn’t work out WHAT to do! After years of searching, a few burn outs/breakdowns and intense study I became clear on what works and what doesn’t.

But I am not just sharing with you from an experience point of view. I am also teaching from a professional stance as someone who has studied and integrated teachings from biological, psychological and esoteric traditions. These include Creative Therapies, Kundalini Yoga (KRI), Registered Nursing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Plant Medicine and Natural Living.

I combine my naturally enthusiastic belief in EVERY BODY  with my natural empathic talents to provide you with just the right amount of space and direction so you can go deep and resurface anew.

During the program I will not leave you hanging between workshops as I am available via email to answer questions and provide support as needed.

If you are unsure whether this program is right for your unique circumstances, please reach out and I will help you to find clarity. I will also refer you in the right direction if I see that Aromanosis is not right for you at this time.

Michelle Marsh

Bsc (Nursing), Grad Dip Creative Therapies, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Cert, Clinical Hypnotherapy Cert