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welcome to Aromanosis

Unearth your Truth

Your body speaks to you through physical sensation. Your mind is a well of insight waiting to be tapped through altered states of awareness. And your emotions are willing you to listen to the messages they so dearly want to give. 

All of these are yours to know…

Amy's Experience

“OMG. I have just finished listening to my reading. Wow. I totally resonate with every single thing you said! It’s definitely me… I was definitely looking at it from the wrong point of view and it completely makes so much sense now.”

Amy Waugh

Instagram: @amywaugh11

Kate's Experience

"I loved my session with Michelle, she was able to highlight key areas that I need to address with my health and was spot on! Having this backed up with her amazing knowledge in herbs also gave me a solution that made it easy to start making changes straightaway. Michelle’s ability to address all aspects of my being with a wholistic approach is what is needed in todays world to really find long term solutions to good health. Thanks Michelle for supporting me and providing such a valuable service."

Kate Sales


Alex's Experience

"...It was an incredible experience and I allowed myself to completely trust myself, Michelle and the process. 

...it was extremely powerful and I am so very grateful to Michelle for this amazing experience. I received clarity around the questions I shared at the beginning of the session and so much more on top of that. 

I truly am eternally grateful for this session with Michelle I will 100% be back to do a follow up session. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like what Michelle offers as a whole package and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to connect on a deeper level, answer any burning questions or just experience something next level to book in asap."

Alexandra Bawden

Instagram: @earths.essence.wa

Patsy's Experience

"What a gift to experience Michelle’s wisdom, nurturance, and creative guidance to unexpected transformation! I left our session feeling wholly connected to my body and soul. Drawing from her robust toolkit of healing modalities, I received exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Through a fusion of intuitive guidance, breathwork, and creative therapies, Michelle was able to shine a light on a part of me that was yearning for acknowledgment, gratitude, and love. With that newfound awareness, I am feeling lighter and shining brighter than I have in a long time. I am ever-so-grateful and cannot recommend highly enough!"

Patsy Kenney


Instagram: @andcelebrate

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