Beginning a healing journey is like planting the seeds of hope in the garden of your soul.

Breathful Living

Breath & awareness for stress reduction, resilience and regulation.

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, amidst the chaos and challenges we face, there exists a quiet and powerful tool that can be our steadfast companion, our breath and awareness.

The ‘Breathful Living’ program consists of 4 therapeutic sessions where you will:

  • Learn and engage breath practices and patterns for building your resilience, reducing stress and regulating emotions and nervous tension
  • Be able to identify what type of breath to use in different situations (for example, when you have no energy versus when you can’t calm down or have too much energy)
  • Bring greater awareness to your body so you can identify nervous states and regulate effectively
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I am Me:  Integrating late neurodivergence diagnosis and/or awareness

When you become aware of your neurodivergence as an adult, it can be a profoundly transformative and, at times, an emotionally charged journey. For many, this realisation is like finding the missing puzzle piece that explains the intricacies of your mind, your unique way of perceiving the world, and why you’ve felt different from the norm.

It’s also a moment of self-discovery that can bring about a cascade of emotions. There may be relief in finally understanding yourself better, in knowing that your differences are not flaws but facets of a beautifully complex personality. But there might also be a sense of grief for the time lost, for the challenges faced without knowledge and support, and even a sense of not knowing who you are anymore, due to a lifelong struggle to blend in.

The ‘I am Me’ program consists of 6 therapeutic sessions to:

  • Deepen self knowledge and awareness so you can plan and make decisions that are healthy and balanced for your unique self
  • Acknowledge and integrate emotions so you can feel good
  • Learn and embrace regulating techniques that work for you to relax and come back into balance when life gets too much
  • Uncover the masks you wear and release what is no longer serving you
  • Embrace your strengths so you can feel confident as yourself
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Neurodivergence & Sensitivity Coaching & Therapy

When you were born as a sensitive being, you were born a gift both for yourself and humanity. But… If your gift is not toned and cultivated it likely feels like a curse

As a woman who is different from the norm you have likely tried desperately to live a ‘normal’ life only to be left burnt out, shut down, scattered and unable to cope. Perhaps it’s because you have ADHD or ASD, or are highly sensitive or empathic, or maybe you don’t know what is different, you just don’t seem to “fit.” It’s so frustrating looking at others who seem to cope ‘just fine,’ and it’s easy to start thinking that you are defective. Let me just tell you right now that there is NOTHING wrong with you! It is simply that your brain is wired for an environment that is not common in our western society.

My job, as your coach and therapist, is to help you release and integrate the nervous tension and thus find your body’s unique balance which allows you to navigate yourself to your true potential.

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Aromanosis Therapy & Coaching

Life can batter us from a million directions and when it does it is not surprising that we become overwhelmed and unable to function. For some people however, overwhelm is a daily experience even though everything should be ‘OK.’

Overwhelm soon leads to hyper-emotions like anger, outbursts and crying, and/or physical sensations like anxiety, pain and fatigue, and/or mental expression like a scattered mind, forgetfulness and difficulty focusing.

Aromanosis uses a unique combination of creative therapy, pranayama, Kundalini yoga, yogic philosophy, embodied investigation and natural lifestyle support to regulate the nervous system, release tension, and tone and cultivate sensitivity.

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1:1 Kundalini Yoga Consultation & Programming

Yoga, breath & meditation practice customised to reach your health & wellbeing goals.

Kundalini Yoga is most often taught in group classes but if you are wanting a daily practice or can’t get to classes or they just aren’t your thing, you can still gain the benefits of Kundalini Yoga through customised programming.

When you work with me one to one you receive a personalised practice tailored to your individual needs and goals, whether you are seeking to improve your physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, or deepen your spiritual practice. 

All of the exercises and breathing techniques of Kundalini Yoga have very specific actions on the mind, body and energy of the person practising and so it is a wonderful healing technology when you practise with purposeful goals in mind. 

sensitive being aromanosis app

Sensitive Being App

Coming in 2023,

Breathwork, creative exploration, meditation, movement & yoga for supporting neurodivergent (ADHD, highly sensitive people (HSP), Autism) needs. 

Support executive function difficulties, emotional dysregulation, problems focusing, nervous tension, anxious and depressed feelings and more.

sensitive being aromanosis app

I have some breathwork techniques for you!

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