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QUIZ: Are you a highly sensitive being?

The goal of this quiz is to help you understand your sensitive nature at a deeper level.

You can use it as a guide to gauge your level of sensitivity and/or use the questions for self reflection and growth.

If you complete the quiz and have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Kundalini Yoga for Sensitive Being

Kundalini Yoga was created to help us realign, connect and navigate this busy, overwhelming and material focused world we find ourselves in. When we practice Kundalini Yoga we are preparing for our daily interactions in life. We are toning the nervous system, energising and balancing our bodies, awakening our Soul and connecting deeply with our True Self. All while releasing old habits, beliefs and false personalites that are holding us back.

Sensitive Being Podcast

Sensitivity is a gift when it is balanced and tuned. But when it is highly charged and without toning and control it can feel unbearable, leading us to act, think and feel in ways which do not align with our true selves. The Sensitive Being Podcast is here to help you to gain clarity through the synthesised lens of western medicine, psychology, natural medicine, spirituality and yogic philosophy.


How to do Breath of Fire (Kundalini Yoga)

How to do Breath of Fire (Kundalini Yoga)

  Breath of Fire is a dynamic and invigorating yogic breathing technique that holds a special place within the realm of pranayama practices. It's a central feature of Kundalini Yoga and is renowned for its ability to stimulate the body's vital energies, cleanse...

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Kundalini Yoga tuning in and out

Kundalini Yoga tuning in and out

Chant 3 times: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Then Chant 3 times: Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Devay Nameh Tuning in before practicing Kundalini Yoga serves as a powerful and purposeful ritual, where we align our energies and intentions with...

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When you can’t relax and/or are experiencing ongoing stress and nervous tension…


Journal Prompts: What causing my restless mind?

You are a beautiful unique being and as such the restlessness or inability to relax right now, will be unique to you. Use the journal prompts below to gain deeper insight and understanding. Exploring Your Restlessness: Describe the physical sensations you're...

What your nervous system is doing when you can’t relax

You know that long deep breathing will help to relax you but you just can't seem to catch your breath to be able to do it! This video explains why sometimes relaxing and calming down out of a state of high stress and anxiety is not as easy as taking a few deep...


Increase stress and nervous system tolerance

Meditation to Promote the Parasympathetic Nervous System This meditation has the ability to relax your nervous system into parasympathetic function, but before you get there it is possible you will experience tension and difficulty within the mind and body! The...

Breathwork for Anxiety & Nervous Energy

Discharge feelings of anxiety & racing heart with breathwork for nervous energy.

Support for the brain: When you can’t focus or get work done…


The effect of diet on brain function

The effects of preservative, water and nutrients on your brain and ability to focus   The effects of preservatives, lack of nutrients, and inadequate water intake can collectively have a notable impact on brain function. Preservatives: Preservatives are chemicals...

What can you do to improve your focus ability?

Why movement, meditation and balance are worthy pursuits   Meditation: Meditation serves as a mental workout, allowing individuals to strengthen their ability to direct and sustain attention intentionally. By engaging in mindfulness practices, one learns to...

The impact of ADHD on focus

Why do I have monkey mind? Imagine your brain as a dynamic orchestra, with different sections responsible for various functions. The conductor, representing the prefrontal cortex, plays a pivotal role in directing the symphony of attention. In individuals with ADHD,...

Meet the monkey in your mind: Meditation to understand your unique focus problems

Meet the monkey in your mind Guided visualisation and journaling to better understand your mind The purpose of this exploration is to allow you to connect and understand you ‘monkey mind’ at a deeper level. Understanding and awareness allow us to have greater self...


Quick breathwork to clear the brain and bring focus

A quick breathwork routine consisting of: One minute Breath of Fire, and One minute Long Deep Breathing Please consider avoiding breath of fire or instead making the naval pumps very light if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, are menstruating or it does not...

Meditation for the most restless mind

If your brain won't stop jumping about like a monkey, try this! This is a Kundalini Yoga meditation designed to give relief to wavering, spaced out minds. Regular practice of this meditation will also help to cultivate general stillness (or close to) of the mind.About...


Why are you avoiding stillness and quiet?

About MichelleHi I'm Michelle Marsh and I am a coach, therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher and lover of life. As Mum with ADHD and highly sensitive person who is also a sensation seeker, I understand what it’s like to have your sensitivity running your life instead of...

Hypnosis for meeting your kind coach

Hypnosis for finding your kind coach 8 minute hypnosis with journal prompt Your mind jumps around like a monkey and you are having trouble staying focused, on task or perhaps can’t even get started? Take a moment and notice your internal dialogue… Is it kind and...

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