Moon Harvest Medicine

Wildcrafted herbals & flowers by the moon. Each description will tell you the energetics of the day they were harvested and what they may be useful for.

What makes Aromanosis Medicinals different

Consider the vitamins or herbal supplements you purchase. Even if they are made from organic plants, they were likely planted with machinery, harvested by machinery and then created by machinery. All before being exported to various locations for purchase. The energy involved is VERY different from a plant which is tended with love and then prepared and blended with the intention in mind to create a healing medicine.

All Aromanosis medicinals are created with great intention and focus. The plants within each blend are chosen for their ability to balance and strengthen specific areas of the body, mind and spirit. They are also connected medicine, where the spirit of the plants are honoured and thus invited to work through the tea you drink...

How to make infusions & decoctions

A medicinal tea is generally made in one of two different ways, an infusion or a decoction. Both are very easy to make but using the right technique can be the difference between a beneficial constituent bein extracted into your tea, getting destroyed or not being extracted at all.

In general, fragile plants and those with volatile oils (essential oils/strong scent), ie flowers and leaves, are best extracted by the infusion method. And the medicine from roots, barks and tough leaves are best extracted through decoction...

how to make herbal decoction

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