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Each week you will have the opportunity to complete a creative project which might be anything from doing some art through to making up a story or role play. It’s your opportunity to express yourself in a way that helps you to feel good about who you are.

What this isn’t about, is being “good” at creative things. It’s about spending time with other girls just like you, who also want to feel confident and happy.

During the session, I (Michelle) will give suggestions to the group (and set up the activities etc), but ultimately it is you (and the other girls) who gets to decide what we make our goals.

The group will run for 6 weeks on Tuesdays from 4pm to 5:30pm

from 25th October to 29th October 2022

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Information for parents:

The transitional years into adolescence can be a scary and confusing time where our children question their self worth and identity. As a Mum myself, I have often fretted about whether or not my daughters are adequately supported and I believe that it’s our sacred duty as parents to enable them to learn the skills and self awareness required to navigate these potentially difficult years. This sacred duty has always been there, but in today’s world it is even more important as our daughters are exposed to an unending bombardment of marketing which gives no thought to the damage it does.

I am offering a 6 week program to support our 11 to 13 year old daughters in strengthening their confidence, reliance, self belief, self connection and internal locus of control through creative exploration.

Sessions are weekly, from 4pm to 5:30pm, beginning on Tuesday the 25th October

Each week consists of a creative project or activity to encourage conversation around the topic focus, which include:

  • Increasing self awareness so your daughter knows when something doesn’t feel right
  • Strengthening and identifying boundaries so your daughter has confidence dealing with conflict
  • Investigating social expectations so your daughter is aware of the influence it has on her self image
  • Connecting with intuition so your daughter is connected with her inner guidance
  • Celebrating uniqueness so your daughter knows how special she is

Note: Topics are subject to change, depending on the groups needs and desires

Exploring these topics through creativity allows the girls to have fun while also learning to express themselves safely (versus yelling, throwing things, giving you the silent treatment (insert your child’s favourite way of punishing you!) etc). Creative activities can include drama and role play, art projects and writing. Your daughter does not need to be “good” at art or drama or anything else. The activities we do are about the process and satisfaction will come at a much deeper level than what something looks like…. And all this is done within a fun, interactive, talkative environment where there is no right or wrong.

In a nutshell, the girls will learn invaluable skills to reduce stress and establish self connection through:

  • Pranayam (breathing techniques)
  • Creative exploration
  • Journaling

These are foundational skills which they will be able to use with confidence at home, in the future when they are presented with challenges.

Cost: $180 (includes all materials). Please bring a snack and drink bottle.


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