You are a beautiful unique being and as such the restlessness or inability to relax right now, will be unique to you. Use the journal prompts below to gain deeper insight and understanding.

Exploring Your Restlessness:

  • Describe the physical sensations you’re experiencing right now. Is there tension in any part of your body? Are your thoughts racing?
  • What thoughts or concerns are currently occupying your mind? Write them down without judgment.
  • Reflect on any recent events or triggers that might have contributed to your restlessness.
  • Consider how you might reframe or reinterpret these thoughts and concerns in a more positive or realistic light.
  • Brainstorm a list of activities or strategies that typically help you unwind. Which ones can you realistically incorporate into your current situation?

Alternatively you may like to allow your subconscious mind to give you some insight with automatic journalling:

The most important thing in automatic journalling is allowing whatever words pop into your mind to translate onto the paper (or computer) without sensoring…. Even when they don’t make sense! Here’s some step by step instructions:

1. Decide how much time you are going to give yourself. 10 minutes is a good amount of time but you may like to increase it to 20 minutes for a greater challenge and deeper delving.

2. Set a mental intention or you can begin your writing with a prompt, for example, ‘If I relax it means…’ or ‘I struggle to relax becuase…’

3. Set your timer and begin writing and do NOT stop! Even if you don’t know what to write just keep repeating the last word you wrote down until something else comes to mind. Phrases like ‘this is dum its not working’ are normal, allow them to come and if you don’t get stuck in judgement then eventually something else will come. Don’t worry about spelling, legibility, grammer or anything like that.

When your time is up, reflect on what you wrote by re-reading and considering your words. You may find helpful insight that is literal or it may come through oin metaphors.

About Michelle

Hi I’m Michelle Marsh and I am a coach, therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher and lover of life.

As Mum with ADHD and highly sensitive person who is also a sensation seeker, I understand what it’s like to have your sensitivity running your life instead of aiding it. But I also know from experience that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to do the work. For myself, I was never afraid of doing the work… I just couldn’t work out WHAT to do! After years of searching, a few burn outs/breakdowns and intense study I became clear on what works and what doesn’t.

But I am not just sharing with you from an experience point of view. I am also teaching from a professional stance as someone who has studied and integrated teachings from biological, psychological and esoteric traditions. These include Creative Therapies, Kundalini Yoga (KRI), Registered Nursing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Plant Medicine and Natural Living.

I combine my naturally enthusiastic belief in EVERY BODY  with my natural empathic talents to provide you with just the right amount of space and direction so you can go deep and resurface anew.

During the time that I am your coach, I will not leave you hanging between sessions as I am available via email to answer questions and provide support as needed.

If you are unsure whether working with me is right for your unique circumstances, please reach out and I will help you to find clarity. I don’t do sales calls so our chat will be very casual and I will refer you in the right direction if I see that Aromanosis is not right for you at this time.

Michelle Marsh

Registered Counsellor (ACA)

Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher (KRI)

Bsc (Nursing), Grad Dip Creative Therapies, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Cert, Clinical Hypnotherapy Cert